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RS3618xs (single PSU) loader development thread

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Release to build RS3618xs loader using TCRP and M shell.


It is a 12-bay Broadwell platform-based Rack Station model.


It is the second Rack Station after RS4021xs+ and The power supply unit PSU features a single PSU rather than a dual PSU.


Since the coding for the dual PSU in Redpill has not been completed yet, a power warning message is displayed in the dual PSU models.


Since this model is a single PSU, there is no warning message.


Both Jun Mode / Jot Mode are released at the same time.


In Jot mode, be sure to process postupdate once more.


For first-time users of M SHELL, please proceed with the following command on TC Linux.


curl --location "https://github.com/PeterSuh-Q3/tinycore-redpill/raw/main/my.sh.gz" -O; tar -zxvf my.sh.gz;



Usage: ./my.sh <Synology Model Name> <Options>

Options: postupdate, noconfig, noclean, manual, realmac, userdts

- postupdate : Option to patch the restore loop after applying DSM 7.1.0-42661 after Update 2, no additional build required.

- noconfig: SKIP automatic detection change processing such as SN/Mac/Vid/Pid/SataPortMap of user_config.json file.

- noclean: SKIP the 💊   RedPill LKM/LOAD directory without clearing it with the Clean command. 
           However, delete the Cache directory and loader.img.

- manual: Options for manual extension processing and manual dtc processing in build action (skipping extension auto detection).

- realmac : Option to use the NIC's real mac address instead of creating a virtual one.

- userdts : Option to use the user-defined platform.dts file instead of auto-discovery mapping with dtcpatch.

Please type Synology Model Name after ./my.sh


- for jot mode


./my.sh DS918+
./my.sh DS3617xs
./my.sh DS3615xs
./my.sh DS3622xs+
./my.sh DVA3221
./my.sh DS920+
./my.sh DS1621+
./my.sh DS2422+
./my.sh DVA1622
./my.sh DS1520+ (Not Suppoted, Testing...)
./my.sh FS2500
./my.sh DS1621xs+
./my.sh RS4021xs+
./my.sh DVA3219
./my.sh RS3618xs


- for jun mode


./my.sh DS918+J                                                                                                      
./my.sh DS3617xsJ                                                                                                    
./my.sh DS3615xsJ                                                                                                    
./my.sh DS3622xs+J                                                                                                   
./my.sh DVA3221J                                                                                                     
./my.sh DS920+J                                                                                                      
./my.sh DS1621+J 
./my.sh DS2422+J  
./my.sh DVA1622J (Not Suppoted)
./my.sh DS1520+J
./my.sh FS2500J
./my.sh DS1621xs+J
./my.sh RS4021xs+J ((Not Suppoted, Testing...)
./my.sh DVA3219J (Not Suppoted, Testing...)
./my.sh RS3618xsJ


ex) Except for postupdate and userdts that must be used alone, the rest of the options can be used in combination. 


- When you want to build the loader while maintaining the already set SN/Mac/Vid/Pid/SataPortMap
./my.sh DS3622xs+ noconfig


- When you want to build the loader while maintaining the already set SN/Mac/Vid/Pid/SataPortMap and without deleting the downloaded DSM pat file.

./my.sh DS3622xs+ noconfig noclean


- When you want to build the loader while using the real MAC address of the NIC, with extended auto-detection disabled
./my.sh DS3622xs+ realmac manual



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