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Audio Station - Link to remote folder


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I'm looking to use a remote folder in audio station. Actually, I have xpenoogy in a virtual machine in hyperv, and i want dsm to index a remote folder of musics.

I'm not interesting by duplicate all my music, and i don't want to put all my music in this virtual machine. So i'm looking to make a link in audio staion. I mounted the remote folder in file station but ... audio station does'nt index this folder.

I hope you understand what i'm looking for. I already tried to make a link in cmd on the sm virtual machine but i didn't succeded.


I hope you will help, because i'd like to use audio station on my smartphone.


thank you.

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Indeed, I checked. Music folder is marked as music file type.

When i go in Audio Station, application ask me to put some music in file station ...

It seems that file station do not recognize remote files as it's own files.

So i cannot read music in audio station.


But IF i go in file station, I can right click and read music. But it's not usefull for m because i wanna read musics on my smartphone.

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Well, you're right, that would be better for me to use a media server software.

As you adviced me, I installed minimserver and "configured" it.


But it's harder on smartphone side. With wifi, most of applications work.

But over internet ... harder. I tried dlna player, plex, bubbleupnp, ... I spent a lot of time on it. Seriously.


Bubble upnp seems to be better because you can make different choices : which player (smartphone or tv by example) and which library (locally, minimserver or other dlna sources).

But we need bubble server + minim server. Actually, bubble server redirect to minimserver.

This is the only solution that worked (even if in 4g, that is soooooo long, so more than ds audio, even if i have a 100mb internet connexion)


No loading problem with DS audio when i used it. I have a windows server os, maybe that could help ?


So I'm still looking for a good (free) solution. If I could only keep minim server and have a simple and good software on smartphone , which works good over 4G... Any Ideas ??? I'm just looking to do the same as audio station or deezer.

Thank you

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