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Script AutoBlockIPList


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Good people I found this script to add and update the firewall IP lists.
We can add the lists found on the internet and add them.
To me it has not worked for me because I do not know if I do wrong PiP installation, the script does not work or I do not install it correctly. (I have tried with DSM 6 and 7 and I am not good in linux)
I leave the web where I found it in case someone wants to try it and see if it works:


I usually get this error:
File "/volume1/scripts/AutoBlockIPList.py", line 32
verbose(f "Unable to connect to {link}")

File "/volume1/scripts/AutoBlockIPList.py", line 41
data = [get_ip_local(f).split("\n") for f in local] + [get_ip_remote(s).split("\n") for s in external]
IndentationError: expected an indented block
sh: line 3: https://blacklist.3coresec.net/lists/all.txt: No such file or directory


Sometimes the line error changes


By the way sorry for my english as I am using an online translator.


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