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10G card for 918+ and dsm7

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Different DS play varyingly, but the Intel ones have always worked (from what I saw).


I got a refurb Intel X520-DA1 on Aliexpress for 26$ at the time (same as a new XEON and ECC Ram for an HP GEN 8).


Be careful not to go think you can go "all CAT6 SFP+" because the SFP tranceiver draw different powers and the Intel is sensitive (notwhistanding the receiving end) about the voltage the SFP module will need


I went with two FS 850nm 10Gb Fiber SFP+ transceivers (from FS, Intel tested) with LC-LC 850nm fiber  in OM5 (the one that "bend" the most so that other living being agrees **)

If your house is all CAT6 equiped basement to roof, try to find in the forum a supported 10Gb card, and don't pay the price they are asking (300+$) for rebadged old intel cards.


Fiber SFP+ transceivers are 0.6W, and 10G copper is around 2.5 watts .


For France's "Free Mobile 10Gb/s Fiber Delta Box" for exemple, that's over specs because the SFP+ cages are rated for 1.6w, so it was a complete win (cheap card, cheap transceivers).

And Fiber is much, much cheaper at "room distance", as copper is justified for a house IMO

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On 8/1/2022 at 11:31 PM, cabldevil said:

I was wanted to know if anyone has a 10G card working with DSM 7 using the 918+ profile?


If so what card, and thank you.



Yes, got the Intel X250-DA2 SFP+ with Dac ( Direct Attached Cable) working great with the DS918+ 7.1.


If you have or want to setup DS918+ you will have to change Maxlanport in etc/synoninfo.conf  and etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf as the DS918+ only comes with two ports active by default, hence the reason to change the Maxlanport to get the card working.


Also you can add the macs of the card in the the Grub.cfg


Hope this helps

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