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Gigabyte H97N Haswell - latest build I can run?

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Been scouring through the forums and I've seen mention that "For certain platforms, Intel CPUs must be 4th generation “Haswell” or newer with FMA3 instruction set" from this link:


but when looking at the build list, Haswell is not listed?

Just trying to figure out which platform to use and which version of DSM I can run on it. TIA


I tried using: ./rploader.sh build geminilake-7.1.0-42661 but when it boots I get "Booting the Kernal" and it's not discoverable on the the network.

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Posted (edited)

I ended up running the following commands:

./rploader.sh listmods bromolow-7.1.0-42661
./rploader.sh build broadwellnk-7.1.0-42661
I then was able to discover and load: DSM_DS3622xs+_42661


In business now!


Is there an easy way to clone the USB drive to and internal SSD, or would you recommend leaving the OS on the USB and use the SSD for cache drive?

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