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esxi7.0 - DSM7.1 - LSI 9212 HBA - Installation and Migration


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After days of research and Googling, i feel i really need some help here to move forward. Any suggestions and help is appreciated!



1. I have spinned up a 918 DSM7.1 VM in my Esxi7.0 host successfully. It has a 1.5Gb disk connected in RDM mode for testing. Everything tested and fully functional.

2. I have a few disks laying around and I would like to have them installed on the 918 VM.

3. A physical DS216j with two 10Gb disks. Each configured as SHR individually.

4. ESXI 7.0 host: Intel 6700 + Z170 MB. It also hosts some other VMs than DSM7.1.



1. As to my experiences, the disk SMART info is crucial for long term use and monitoring the disk status. I have ordered two LSI 9212 cards. I plan to pass thru the controllers to allow the DSM read and monitor the SMART info.

2. Migrate two 10Tb disks from the DS216j to the 918 VM hopefully without losing data.




1. As to my tests, my 918 installation only supports up to 8 disks. It won't boot if anything connected at sata1:8 or above. I did the research but still not sure how to properly change the mapping in the .cfg to make the new LSI 9212 ports working. The LSI 9212 has 4 sata ports and supports HBA/IT mode. I plan to dedicate and pass thru the two 9212 to the 918 VM. My other VMs can use the Intel MB sata controller.

2. Clueless how to migrate two 10Tb disks. I have a 18Tb disk on order if it has to be the data migration route. Because both disks are at 99% utilization. I really hope they can be migrated without copying data over.


My LSI 9212 cards and 18Tb disk will be here tomorrow. Hopeful I can figure out a plan with your help before they arrive. Much appreciated!



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