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Synology Firmware: VirtualDSM?


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Hi all, I haven't seen any reference to this here or via Google, but if you go to the Synology firmware download site and poke around, you'll find:


https://dedl.synology.com/download/DSM/ ... .0.1/7393/


which is just an Apache index page containing that release for all models. At the bottom of the list, is:


DSM_VirtualDSM_7393.pat 06-Jun-2016 06:36 223M


So... What's this? A version of DSM made for a VM? It's about the right size...


Anyone played with it? There's also:


DSM_DockerDSM_7393.pat 06-Jun-2016 06:36 186M


Maybe this could be useful? Or I'm being optimistic...

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