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Redpill selecting the NAS model during configuration?


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Hi All


I am running a 3617xs for years! on a Unraid server as a VM works great!

I am at a point where I don't know how to get the redpill "build" defined as a 3617xs it keeps creating one for the 3622xs+?



Entries in Localdisk bootloader :
menuentry 'RedPill DS3622xs v7.1.0-42661 Beta (USB, Verbose)' {
menuentry 'RedPill DS3622xs v7.1.0-42661 Beta (SATA, Verbose)' {
menuentry 'Tiny Core Image Build' {
Machine is VIRTUAL Hypervisor=KVM
Setting default boot entry to SATA
Caching files for future use
Found /home/tc/redpill-load/cache/ds3622xsp_42661.pat, copying to cache directory : /mnt/sdb3/auxfiles
Saving user session for future use. Saving current extensions  -> OK !
Saving current user_config.json  -> OK !
tc@box:~$ ls
check-redpill.sh        dtc                   redpill-lkm/
custom-module           global_config.json    redpill-load/
custom_config.json      modules.alias.3.json  rpext-index.json
custom_config_jun.json  modules.alias.4.json  rploader.sh
ds1621p.dts             old/                  user_config.json
ds920p.dts              oldpat.tar.gz
tc@box:~$ vi global_config.json
tc@box:~$ vi user_config.json


How can I define it to be a 3617xs?

I have also updated the file "user_config.json" with my serial and my Macid's 1-4


I selected the platform:

./rploader.sh build broadwellnk-7.1.0-42661

Sorry is the platform = to a NAS model? (NOOB I know)





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