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Want to replace current harddisks. What's the best method?


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Hi guys,


I have quick question and I need your advice.


After 3 years I am going to replace my current harddisk in my XPEnology system.

Currently I am running 6x 2TB harddisks in RAID 10.


Now I am going to replace these harddisks with 4x 4TB in RAID 10.

I am wondering what's the best approach to replace the harddisks without losing settings and contents obviously?


I was thinking about copying everything over to a few external harddisk I have still lying around.

Or should I use the backup function from within Synology to create backup of everything and store it on external harddisk?


What would you recommend and what is your advice in this?


Thank you in advance!





PS: On a sidenote; is SSD caching working nowadays? Or still not recommended?

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I don't think you can reduce number of disks in your setup, but you might be able to replace your 2TB drives with 4TB one at a time, rebuilding array each time you swap disks. However, it won't give you extra space. (You could probably extend your array if you replace all 2TB with 4TB though)


The best way would be to backup data, build new array using 4x 4TB and move new data there. As far as I know, settings are stored on all hard drives that you initialize on Synology, so just initialize some old hard drive while x6 array is still plugged in. Remove x6 array, keep old hard drive, insert x4 disk to create new array, remove old hard drive.



SSD caching works for me on a barebone setup with 1 and 2 ssds. Can't say I notice much of a difference though... maybe a little more snappy. You might notice better performance if you have multiple people download the same file that was already cached and you have LACP or 10 Gb to your switch.

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