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Startup not working issue in Control Panel Power Schedule

Peter Suh







Below is the result of collecting the operation status for TCRP users.


DS3617xs (Operation OK)
DS3615xs (Operation OK)
DS3622xs+ (Operation OK)
DVA3221 (Operation OK)
DVA1622 (Operation OK)
DS918+ (Operation Not OK)
DS920+ (Operation Not OK)
DS1621+ (Operation Not OK)
DS2422+ (Operation Not OK)
DS1520+ (Operation Not OK)


GeminiLake (DS920+, DS1520+, etc.), known as a DTC-only model
and V1000 (DS1621+, DS2422+, etc.), this function does not work, and DS918+ also does not work.


Monitoring equipment DVA3221, DVA1622 (based on DTC) is OK.


Jun Mode and Jot Mode seem to be a common phenomenon without any distinction.

ACPI ext is related to the power button and has nothing to do with this power schedule reservation.


Is there any way to solve this problem?


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I also interested to find the answer for this question.

My Xpenology worked quite well on scheduled startup and shutdown with DSM 6.2.

After updating to TCRP DSM 7.1 DS918+ it stopped to startup. Shutdown however works.

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