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Is it possible to display expansion units / pci cards in DSM7 storage manager?

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Is it possible to display expansion units (Synology DX1222) or pci-cards (intel X540-t2) in DSM7-TCRP like this?




I am asking because it would be nice if I could see all my (22) drives and for example instantly know which drive I have to replace.


For now it looks like this.




My guess is, DSM only displays 12 drives in use because the DS3622xs+ has only 12 slots.




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Your are correct about the number of drives, it's displayed based on the model. In DSM 6 you could install as many drives you like and they were visible. Now they changed it based on the model. It does not matter though, even if you have a DS918+ which technically has 4 drives you can have maybe upto 16 drives.


For the PCIE, I know for sure in order to have NVME cache you need to change a file and add the PCI addresses of your NVMEs.

I do not know if you can do the same thing for any type of PCIE card. That will be very interesting.


As for the expansion unit I never read a post about them, I do not know if you have an original expansion unit and an e-sata if you connect it will be visible...

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Expansion unit 

No I do not have an original expansion unit. But it would be nice to be able to see the 10 remaining disks via expansion unit(s).


PCIe cards

Thanks for the hint. I will have a look and report back if I find anything interesting.

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