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HPE MicroServer Gen 10 Plus installation problem


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I have now tried to get DSM 7.1 working on my HPE MicroServer Gen 10 Plus but with 0 luck.


I have seen 2 posts on this forum where two users got DSM 7.1 Successfully installed on their HPE MicroServer Gen 10 Plus. But so far no one here has given a single guide for this server so i tried to follow following users info: https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/62919-dsm-71-42661-update-2/?do=findComment&comment=287919 


By having same TinyCore img 8.0.3 and exact same DS3617xs with Broadwell-7.1.0-42661.


The synology finder detects my server and i come to page where i upload pat file. So i upload it and then it reaches to 55% and after that i get Error saying installation failed and it could not install DSM. Since file may be corrupt.


So is anyone here able to guide me or give me a more clear guide that shows how to install this onto this server?


I hope some 1 here can help me with this frustrating issue.


Note for mods/admin: I could not find any DSM 7.x section so i hope it's fine i posted this in DSM 6.X section until you guys add one and move my topic to it.


Update: Problem solved, it seems by picking DS3622xs+ worked alot better than DS3617xs did, since when i did DS3617xs it keep erroring on pat upload.


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