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No booting kernel after build



Hi. I hope you are well
I am new here.
I have the following problem, I am trying to install DSM 7.1 with this tutorial. https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/62221-tutorial-installmigrate-to-dsm-7x-with-tinycore-redpill-tcrp-loader/


My hardware

Intel i5 10400

Motherboard Asus Prime B560M-A

Ram 8GB DDR4 2400mhz


The steps I perform are the following.


./rploader.sh update


./rploader.sh fullupgrade


./rploader.sh identifyusb

Found Flash USB SerialNumber: 372723590A41921771689
Vendor ID : 0x1609 Product ID : 0x3a04
Should i update the user_config.json with these values ? [Yy/Nn]y


./rploader.sh satamap

Found "00:17.0 Intel Corporation Device 43d2 (rev 11)"
Detected 6 ports/1 drives. Override # of ports or ENTER to accept <6> 

Computed settings:

Should i update the user_config.json with these values ? [Yy/Nn] y


./rploader.sh serialgen DS918+ realmac

Serial Number for Model : 1780PDN000122
Mac Address for Model DS918+ : 00:11:32:53:B9:4E 
Real Mac Address : 7C:10:C9:43:16:64
Notice : realmac option is requested, real mac will be used
Should i update the user_config.json with these values ? [Yy/Nn]y


./rploader.sh build apollolake-7.1.0-42661

exitcheck.sh reboot


And then it remains like this:






The only thing I find is the following that is possibly the problem.



It looks that you will need the following modules : 

Found VGA Controller : pciid 8086d00009bc8  Required Extension : 
No matching extension
Found SATA Controller : pciid 8086d000043d2  Required Extension : 
No matching extension
Found Ethernet Interface : pciid 8086d000015fa Required Extension : 
No matching extension


If you need any other information, ask me for it, it will be provided.


Note: I am using a translator, sorry.


Thank you!!





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Hello, I solved my problem. Apparently it had no network with Intel Ethernet I219-V.

My solution was, since I don't have much experience. It was adding another network Realtek r8168 +  extension.

And it's working






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