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DSM 6.2.3 baremetal drive connected to PCIE card recognized but not working


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I posted this in reddit r/Xpenology but got nothing 🥲

I hope somebody could help me on this...


First I am pretty new to Xpenology but I have pretty good experience with general windows machines and can do pretty much anything following the instructions.


I setup a small NAS using DSM 6.2.3 (DS918+ Jun's mod)

Original plan was to use DSM7 with TCRP but it did not work after many tries.

I only want it to run as a media server so nothing fancy is needed anyways and 6.2 seemed more stable as well.

I have no interest I just want a setup that will stay and run without me constantly maintaining.


I am perfectly happy with my current setup except one thing.


(Current Setup)

  • CPU: Intel G4600 - undervolted slightly to reduce power and run cool
  • RAM: 16G DDR3
  • MB: Gigabyte GA-H110N (ITX)
  • Case: 4 + 1 Bay NAS Case (Hot-swap SATA backplane installed)
  • PCI-e: JMB585/SATA 3.0 Non-Raid 5 ports
  • SSD: 1 x 250G Samsung 840 EVO SSD that I have left around
  • HDD: 3 x 12T Seagate Ironwolf ST12000VN008


My MB, GA-H110N has 3 SATA ports. My case has 4 HDD hot-swap bays and one 2.5inch bay.

My original plan was to only use MB SATA ports for SSD and use 4 ports on PCIE card because it would be much cleaner in terms of cable mgmt, etc.


However it was not working for whatever reasons (Probably the same reason I am posting this today) and I have moved 2 drives to MB and 1 drive hooked to PCI-e card.

My SSD is setup as a Volume 1 that is being used to install and running all packages and docker - installed to 2.5inch bay

I wanted to 3 HDDs to be set up as raid (1 parity drive) but after completing installation, one of the three drives, stays as "Not Initialized"


I thought it was nothing in the first and tried to setup a pool with three drives, but it failed multiple times.

There is no issue with my SATA backplane because I have moved cables and drives around and it is always the same.


So far, what I have figured out is:

  1. Connecting more than 1 drive to PCIE to SATA card will result in all the drive connected to the card not being recognized in system
  2. When only 1 drive is connected, it shows up in the system but cannot do anything


Is my card faulty? or JBM585 card not supported fully with DSM 6.2.3?


I purchased a different card and installed to see what happens but then all the drives(including the 2 connected to MB directly) except SSD disappeared from DSM

I do not know how to change satamap post installation.. I did read some posts but nothing was exactly the same as my situation..

If the card is faulty I would like to just replace the card and go on with life, but at this point I am not so sure.


what should I do? Please help!



TL;DR - PCIE SATA card is not working ahhhhhh please help



Screenshot 2022-06-25 212102.png

Screenshot 2022-06-27 191521.png

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