[DSM6] VideoStation 2.2 - Cannot detect DVB-T2 tuner

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Hi everyone,


I recently updated to DSM 6.0.2 U2 my NAS using the last bootloader (thanks again for your hard work) and now my DVB-T2 tuner is not recognized anymore.

It seems that it's a more general issue with the DSM6 as Synology owners also have the same thing with their tuners...


Previously, I was able to make the dongle recognized by installing VideoStation so I guess the dongle drivers were in this package.


But now, even with VideoStation (currently 2.2-0.1338) the dongle won't appear :sad:

I have check with "dmesg | grep "Elgato"" (my dongle is an Elgato EyeTV DTT Deluxe) but nothing...


Is there a way to manually integrate the drivers for this dongle on DSM?

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