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Tinycore-Redpill DSM 7.1 ACPI Power Button question

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Thank to pocopico's effort, I can install DSM 7.1 42661 on the ASRock Q1900B-ITX.


However, I find that I am not able to use the power button to shutdown the NAS.

Here is my code

sudo ./rploader.sh update && \
sudo ./rploader.sh fullupgrade && \
sudo ./rploader.sh identifyusb && \
sudo ./rploader.sh serialgen DS918+ && \
sudo ./rploader.sh satamap && \
sudo ./rploader.sh ext apollolake-7.1.0-42661 add https://github.com/jumkey/redpill-load/raw/develop/redpill-acpid/rpext-index.json && \
sudo ./rploader.sh build apollolake-7.1.0-42661 && \
sudo ./rploader.sh clean now && \
sudo rm -rf /home/tc/oldpat.tar.gz && \
sudo rm -rf /mnt/"$(mount | grep -i optional | grep cde | awk -F / '{print $3}' | uniq | cut -c 1-3)3"/auxfiles && \
sudo rm -rf /home/tc/custom-module && \
sudo ./rploader.sh backup now


After the backup, I unplug my router WAN. Then I can install DSM 7.1 using the official installation file DSM_DS918+_42661.pat


Do my step wrong or DSM 7.1 do not allow power button to poweroff the NAS?

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Try your commands without "sudo" its not needed anymore for the build process:

Also, why are you doing a clean command after the build?

Are you getting any errors during the build?

I'm assuming this is a new build so try doing these commands:




./rploader.sh update 

./rploader.sh fullupgrade 

./rploader.sh serialgen DS918+

./rploader.sh identifyusb 

./rploader.sh satamap 

./rploader.sh listmods apollolake-7.1.0-42661 (to see what modules you need and add them)

./rploader.sh backup now

./rploader.sh build apollolake-7.1.0-42661

exitcheck.sh reboot


I have never had an issue building a DS918+ with these commands..



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Yes I can turn off with the power button. Granted my hardware is a little different than yours, but you should be able to use your power button.

These are the specs of my build:


Gigabyte B365M DS3H

Intel Core i7 9700

16gb DDR4 2666

RealTek RTL8125 dual port NIC

4 Seagate 4TB IronWolf Pro hard drives


I know its a little overkill, but initially built it for TrueNAS and had 32gb of memory.





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Problem solved. I reboot the NAS and I can now shutdown by power button.


./rploader.sh update now && \
./rploader.sh fullupgrade now && \
./rploader.sh backup now && \
./rploader.sh clean now && \
./rploader.sh serialgen DS918+ && \
./rploader.sh identifyusb now && \
./rploader.sh satamap now && \
./rploader.sh ext apollolake-7.1.0-42661 add \
https://github.com/pocopico/redpill-load/raw/develop/redpill-acpid/rpext-index.json && \
./rploader.sh build apollolake-7.1.0-42661 && \
sudo rm -rf /home/tc/oldpat.tar.gz && \
sudo rm -rf /mnt/"$(mount | grep -i optional | grep cde | awk -F / '{print $3}' | uniq | cut -c 1-3)3"/auxfiles && \
sudo rm -rf /home/tc/custom-module && \
./rploader.sh backup now


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