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I must be missing something, but I can't figure out what it is. I'm trying the following on my ESXi 6.7 system which has been running a JUN DSM6 for several years:


I created the VM, with the latest VMDK ( It boots fine, update/fullupgrade work fine, I believe the version is now or something like that.


For the build I've run the following commands:

  • ./rploader.sh serialgen DS3622xs+ realmac
  • ./rploader.sh satamap (where I specify 9 disks, to allow 1 vmdk for volume1 and bringing over my 8 RDM devices for volume2, which I will not do until after testing)
  • ./rploader.sh build broadwellnk-7.1.0-42661

The build seems to go fine and does not display any errors, however when I reboot the VM I still only have TinyCore at the GRUB screen. I don't have any entries for RedPill.


Anyone have any ideas?

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