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Dsm 7.1 on this configuration?

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Hello again guys 

Can I put redpill on this config? 

      CPU Type                                          DualCore Intel Pentium G640, 2800 MHz (28 x 100)
      Motherboard Name                                  Packard Bell iMedia S2870
      Motherboard Chipset                               Intel Cougar Point H61, Intel Sandy Bridge

    BIOS Type                                         AMI (08/10/2012)

      Video Adapter                                     Intel(R) HD Graphics  (2076 MB)
      Video Adapter                                     Intel(R) HD Graphics  (2076 MB)
      3D Accelerator                                    Intel HD Graphics 2000
      Monitor                                           BenQ GW2280  [22" LCD]  (ET41K03548SL0)

      IDE Controller                                    Standard SATA AHCI Controller
      Storage Controller                                Microsoft Storage Spaces Controller
      Disk Drive                                        Generic- Multi-Card USB Device
      Disk Drive                                        USB FLASH DRIVE USB Device
      Disk Drive                                        WDC WD10EFRX-68JCSN0  (1 TB, 5400 RPM, SATA-III)
      SMART Hard Disks Status                           OK

      Network Adapter                                   Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit Network Connection  

      DMI BIOS Vendor                                   American Megatrends Inc.
      DMI BIOS Version                                  P11-A0
      DMI System Manufacturer                           Packard Bell
      DMI System Product                                imedia S2870




Now i have  DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b and DSM_DS3615xs_15284and it works fine. 

I watch this tutorial

What do you think? 

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I did it guys

First wasn"t a success but after I read the comments i find this


Try 3615xs it works.  

Commands as follows
./rploader.sh update

 ./rploader.sh fullupgrade

Configure System-Specific Parameters
 USB flash drive VID/PID      : ./rploader.sh identifyusb
 Serial number/MAC  : ./rploader.sh serialgen DS3615xs realmac

5. Build the Loader
 ./rploader.sh build bromolow-7.1.0-42661

Load Usb stick in another computer and in grub.cfg edit following to DiskIdxMap=00 SataPortMap=1"


Screenshot 2022-06-17 213336.jpg

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you can use 3622 instead of 3615 if you want

3615 is still supported by synology but updates might not come for longer then 2 years as its expected that 7.1 was the last version for it and synology plans to only support the recent and last dsm version and if 7.2 comes out then 7.1 will be that last/only supported version for 3615

the last two digits are the release year of the original hardware unit and the minimum is 5 years support so 3622 will get support for some time from synology where 3615 is coming to its end

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