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DS1815+ on XPEnology?


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Hi there!


I'm new to XPEnology but, after some experience, successfully could install a DS918+ and a DS3622xs+.
Great work and thanks for the time some people spent to make it work!


My problem: I bought 2x DS1815+ some years ago. Now one of them failed and I tried everything I could read to make it run again.
Now the idea is to make a DS1815+ based on XPEnology...


Did anybody ever do it?
Is there a chance to make it work?
Any hints?


I have experience in hardware, general knowledge about PC's and Linux (also I'm not an expert)...


Any help would be very welcome!




PS: Ich verstehe besser Deutsch als Englisch...

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It was told before that developing tcrp (TinyCore RedPill) to support other models it can be troublesome and requires a lot of effort to do so.

Why do you want that specific model? The other models like DS918+ and DS3622xs+ do not offer the same stuff as your DS1815+?

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One reason is that I have an original serial number which is already registred on my synology account!

This should give me all the advanteges of a synology as I bought it...


If it's too much work, I should think about it again :(

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Tough one since Synology removed the VGA port on newer models. Your only hope would be hooking up a UART adapter from the debug header and see if anything fun comes up on the serial console. But you might just see GRUB boot prompt(no BIOS menu), dmesg and that's it.



I'm always curious if you can gain complete access to the system if you try to hook up a graphics card from the M.2 slots or PCI-E slots(intended for NIC) on new models. DVA3221 also has a GTX1650 but the display outputs weren't intended to be accessed by the user and were blocked off by the case.


Do not plug PCIe cards on the "looks like PCI-E slots" for HDD and eSATA backplane, it's very possible those weren't wired with normal PCIe lanes.


Your best bet would be removing the original USB DOM, put a USB drive loaded with TCRP and see if TC boots up so you can SSH into it through LAN. UART connection might be handy to troubleshoot the GRUB boot selection. See if holding RESET button when you press power button does anything different, some headless systems allows you to temporarily override boot device when you do this but you need to check every USB port.(The feature might be programmed to work on a specific USB port.)

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