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Increase sata ports on a running NAS

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Sorry if the subject has been discussed somewhere, I have failed to find it.

I have a Lenovo 9087 SFF, and managed to install a DSM 7.1-42661DS3611xs+ on it.

However during install I could not find a way to keep all the 6 ports available on the mainboard without attaching a hard drive to it, regardless of the various settings I have tried in the BIOS.

So I have specified in the satamap only 1 fof the only 1 HDD I have at that time in the machine.


However I have 2 drives, and now I would like to add the second one as well to the NAS for raid 1.

(The reason not doing it earlier these 2 drives were in pair in another NAS, and I had to copy the content first between the 2 NAS and then use both in the new NAS.)


Long story short, is it possible to change the port numbers deep down in the sata port mapping from 1 to 2 in an installed NAS, or I neew to start again from scratch, and use the tinycore to build the NAS again, and lose all settings, etc.?


Thank you for your kind help in advance!

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