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Hi. I really appreciate your input. I'm asking you to tell me which chipset I should buy so that it would work by the "set and work" principle, without dancing with tambourine?
My configuration. 1.04b, DS918+, Version: 6.2.3-25426 Update 3. 
I just need to add a couple hdds and the sata ports on my motherboard ran out!

Intel® Pentium® G3220
MSI H81-P33
Intel H81
Socket LGA1150
Haswell, Devil's Canyon

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this case ended up to use a 5 port (ahci) jmb585 on the open 16x slot (pcie 2.0) with 4-5 disks, leaving the 1x slot open for 2.5G realtek nic or a jmb 582 (2 ports) as it needed to be 918+, if 3617 or 3622 would have been possible a lsi sas controller would have offered more ports and more headroom for bandwidth (more disks, ssd's sata disks) with its 8 pcie lanes compered to the two lanes of a "normal" ahci controller (older marvell 88se92xx, jmb58x, asm116x) with its two lanes (curbed to pcie 2.0 speed of 500MByte per lane)

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