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Best suggestions for either a 1 or 2 port half-size 2.5gb/10gb NIC for 918+ image

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There's quite a few forum posts on this one with conflicting info, but I have box with the 918+ image running DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 just fine with a 4 port 1gb Intel Nic.


Looking to have a NIC with 1GB/2.5GB/10GB capability. Ideally two port, but 1 would work.


Full-size bracket, however height is a bit of an issue, as I'm using the UNAS NSC-810A, and looking for a smaller card if possible.


I was looking at the genuine ones...anyone have experience with the e10G18-t1 working with the 918+ image, or have any (cheaper) alternatives?


Appreciate any assist.

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Appreciate the help/response.


Glad to see someone else is using this case, it's awesome.


I have both a SAS card and my intel nic, populating both PCIE slots, i can't tell from your pic, but do you have another underneath?


Which X3 specifically are you using?





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There is a second riser slot position, but I have not populated it. I think it would interfere with the use of the other slots (see below).


The CX-3 is the MCX311A. It's technically a HP rebranded card 516937-B21. The ports are dual SFP+ which I prefer because it removes a lot of heat from the PHY to the case/chassis instead of being trapped inside. Then DAS cables to connect to 10Gbe guests, as they are inexpensive.


The motherboard has 8x SATA ports and 2x Intel Gbe ports so I don't need slots for those.  I used the remaining slots for NVMe U.2 interfaces.


Here's a few more pics so you can see the arrangement.







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Posted (edited)



Ok cool.


Yea, my main concern is the height, as I do use both of the slots. My current NIC is on the bottom , and my SAS card on top.




I actually managed to get 16 drives in this thing. 8x 3.5, 2x 2.5, 4x mSata, and two PCIE blades. The 6 SATA ports on the board go to the Msatas and the two 2.5 drives, and the SAS card is dedicated to the backplane.


I love this case.


The Msatas i crammed between the backplane and the rear panel/fans.





I'll see if I can grab the height specs of this card on HPs sites, and compare. Hopefully this one will work.


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Wow.  I thought mine was full with 11 drives :-)

Your placement of the M.2 SATA drives in the fan space is innovative.


I used a split AC/DC fanless power supply so the rectifier module and heat sink live in that area.






I do like the result but building the thing was quite the project. 


It's good to see others who share the mild obsession. Good luck with the 10Gbe upgrade. Cheers

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