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New member hoping to build a NAS with old LGA 775 hardware.


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Hi all, as per title, new member.


Hoping for a little help here, simply not very well off financially, and really wanting to try a Synology based NAS before committing to such an item retail, I can probably afford a two bay 215J at some point but would rather have something I could expand on with old computer hardware than be stuck to just two drives.


What I want to eventually have is 2 to 4 4tb drives in a NAS so the whole family can access all the homes music/movies/photo's and an other relevant sharable data.


I have a handful of old hardware, two of the home's PC's are LGA 775 and it's the weakest of those I would like to use for a NAS. But after browsing the site and a few google searches I am still not sure what is the best option? Below is what I am hoping to convert into a NAS, but my 1st attempt at USB booting failed.


Is there a more surefire way of getting xpenology to work on this old hardware?


Asus P5QL-VM EPU LGA775 MicroATX motherboard

Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor E8500

Corsair Dominator GT 8500C5 4GB (2x2) 1066MHz DDR2

X2 Samsung F3 500GB hard drive Sata2

X2 Samsung F3 1TB hard drive Sata2

Kingston Data Traveler SE9 USB2 stick 16GB

Silverstone TJ08B-E case or Fractal Core 1000

350w or 450w Corsair PSU

DVD drive

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IMO its not bad hardware to run xpenology. Im using older AMD CPU with 2gb ram and my nas is working 24/7 over 46 days without restart now. And im using it over a year without a problem. Im having installed plex serce on it, and many more packages. Hope it helps you.

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Should be okay. Lose the optical drive. It cannot be used and may actually make things worse. Buy a good power supply. I would probably buy at least a 450w with that older hardware. Better to have a little headroom. I am using an E6850 cpu in one server and an AMD Phenom X2 in another, so older hardware is fine. I do not run any hardware intensive apps on them, though. It all seems to work well.

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I have an Intel DG35EC mobo with an Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 @ 2.53 Ghz, 2x2GB 667mhz Kingston ram, 4x2 TB Seagate drives from on board sata controller, running off a 320 watt PSU.

It's been running solidly for 18 months with 24/7 operation.

Running Emby media server (which will perform on-the-fly transcoding), photostation, ds download, ds audio, couch potato, Sabnzbd, sickbeard.


One thing I did have to do was to set BIOS, Boot, USB Mass Storage Emulation Type and changed the setting from "Auto" to "All Fixed Disc".

Prior to that the box wouldn't boot.

Hope this is useful


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several of my XPE units are 'older' mobos, dual core amd e350 etc but these are working fine for 1-2 years since setup

I would try a test build before you 'go big';

reset bios

disable serial, parallel, audio etc

set sata to ahci

connect a single drive

set bios to your usb device to boot (not UEFI) and disable other boot devices

boot xpe, check networking, install dsm, create volume and test for a few days, including any packages

then add remaining drives, delete test volume and create your desired disk group/volume

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