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B660-I Build - please add Intel (IGC network (2.5gb)) Drivers to (https://github.com/pocopico/rp-ext) Repo

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Hi all, im currently in the process for building a bare-metal build on a B660-i / intel i5-12500T

this has a 2.5 GB Nic and the Board is a bane to work with however,


./my.sh DS918+
has been used to create the image for the above hardware with no luck on network discovery.


when going through most of the automated build processes for either DS918/920 ive found that the IGC.ko Drivers are not being passed through the image



Ive tried to add the 

Realtech 2.5 Gb controller, 1000E and IGB Driver Kits with no success





I obviously have other hardware that needs to be addressed as well, however the 2.5gb controller being used in almost all new boards should probably be addressed 1st as i wont be the only person who will have these boards in mind for a build.




if the driver can be added to the Repo its atleast one bit sorted.

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Posted (edited)

unfortunatelly ,


i think that i've tried to compile igc, with the released syno sources and toolkit and they will not compile. Unless someone backports it to 4.4.x , you will have better lack with some other ethernet interface.


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8 hours ago, DragonXR said:

@pocopico is it possible to have all of the drivers from the TCRP driver set injected into the Synology build, as the 

TC OS is working and discovering all the hardware?

TCRP is running kernel version 5.x IGC kernel module will not compile on kernel versions < than 5.x 

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