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Problem Installing with TinyCore RedPill (TCRP) Loader

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Dear all,


I have used tinycore redpill during March / April several times and installed 918+ installations on several HP ProCurve Hardware machines. Everytime I was successful. Today I had the same task, but this time something is different.


I installed like always - the only difference is, that there is now a version v0.8.0.0 available since two days ago. I tried now with two different PCs, two different USB sticks, two different hard disks and two different platforms (918+ / 920+).


Everytime I have the same result:

- Build process without any errors

- DiskStation is visible after reboot "Welcome"

- pat-file 7.1.0-42661 can be installed successfully

-> Reboot

- After reboot always the same:


"Welcome Back! We have detected that you have moved your harddisk to a new DS918+. Please click on recovery to recover your settings"

=> Loop! Every time I press "Recover", the PC reboots and have the same situation.


I have no idea, whether I am doing something wrong, but I fear it is something todo with the new img?


I need help :(

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Acknowledged: As soon as you try to install ANY 42661 from scratch, and the NAS is connected to the internet, it will automatically download the latest patch => recovery loop.


Thank you for this tip, this brought me on the right path!

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