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My old 5.2-5644 box was off for a while and I just tried to boot it up to copy some files and it's giving me the following error when trying to login with my one and only admin account:

Your account has been disabled. Please contact the administrator


I have another limited user account that I can still access but there are few crucial folders that are not visible under this profile.

What could be the reason the admin account got disabled? Is there anyway to enable it from the actual box using the root account? If I move the disks to a working DSM 6 box, will the data be accessible from there?

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Apologies first off - first timer here :/


I have faced the same issue as above, tried several versions unsuccessfully, now on 5.2. I have managed to get the NAS ( HP Gen8 Microserver , bare metal build) visible on the network and to the last stage - login.

At which point I get the header line???

This is my first login (and there was a password, no blanks etc.)


Any ideas, as I am now out of luck, worried it may be down to the mac address... but open to suggestions or if anyone knows how to fix.

Was so close, yet so far!

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