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Slow download speed but perfect upload


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I can't really tell when the problem first started, but I am sure that when I first installed XPEnology about one and a half years ago I had download and upload speeds of 60 - 80 MB/s, using SMB, FTP etc

Yesterday I realized that the download speed from my XPEnology machine (bare metal) is bottlenecked at 27 - 28 MB/sec, using SMB, FTP, Webdav (and I guess other protocols too!

The upload speed is still ok though, reaching 60+ MB/sec!

The network card is recognized as gigabit!

I managed to replicate the problem with my laptop, my PC and direct copy to another DS 214 I own, so the problem seems to be on the XPEnology machine.

The upload / download speed from my DS 214, which lies on the same network, right next to my XPEnology machine, was 60+ MB/s, so it's not a network problem either.

There are no network quotas - limits on my DSM settings.

I am going crazy!

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I tried the settings suggested for smb.conf in this promissing guide: https://turlucode.com/synology-optimizing-samba-2/


Transfers are still running at ~40MB/sec :sad:


*hint*: both etc/smb.conf and etc.defaults/smb.conf are editable using the Config File Editor package if you don't fancy using vi.


*edit* It's my PC. I tested from another Windows 10 PC (with a much lower spec) and I get 100-110MB/sec.

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