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Best DSM OS and boot loader for Inetl Nuc DC3217IYE

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Hello all,


I am trying to figure out what i need to do to install Xpenlogy into my NUC PC but i cant figure it out.

When i visit Xpenology site i get lost and confused since i am not sure what i am looking at.

Here are specs of my system:

Intel Nuc DC3217IYE

Intel Core i3-3217U CPU 1.8GHz x4

16GB Memory


I will be using 1 Media Sonic 4 bay USB hard drive enclosure with this unit

So the question which DSM OS i need for this setup and Which boot loader i need so i can have stable Xpenlogy install that can run for 2 years


Please advise 

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DSM is really intended to manage SATA drives. A USB enclosure can theoretically be made to work, but only with some hacking of system settings.


There is nothing wrong with using a NUC for DSM, but it isn't very expandable.


Regardless, take a look at these threads to help make decisions about your hardware strategy and which DSM software is right for you:




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