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Upgrading N54L from 5.0 > 5.2


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I've been happily using my HP MicroServer N54L for a few years now, only upgrading the HDDs along the way for more capacity. Everything is currently working perfectly for what I need.


I was looking at adding Surveillance Station yesterday using a keygen and noticed there there is a new version of DSM available. My box currently runs 5.0-4528 and the latest version I can see is 5.2-5565. The upgrade looks pretty straight forward but I'm wondering if I should bother? My box works fine and I don't want to risk breaking anything if it all goes wrong.


Thoughts please?

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5967 is the latest. However, in fixing the BIOS reset problem, the devs stopped power schedules from working.

I'm on 5644 which seems to work (although I'm not sure whether the fan runs in quiet mode any more) but if your box is not connected to the internet, I would be tempted to leave it as it is.

However if it is accessible from the internet, I would probably move to a later release to get the security fixes.

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Thanks. My box is connected to the internet and it is always on, it never get's turned off.


Can I just confirm the upgrade procedure?


  • Remove the USB thumb drive (Do I need to power down the box first?)
    Install latest boot image (I found XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5565.1.img but is there a later one then?)
    Insert USB and reboot box
    Hit Install/Upgrade in boot menu.
    Once complete download 5.2-5967 (where from? Synology?)
    Install DSM.

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The unknown is whether there are likely to be any issues in the jump from 5.0 to 5.2. I suspect most people will have upgraded in smaller steps as new versions became available. If you can test the upgrade using a spare HDD or a VM on your PC, that would give more confidence.


Always back up your data first and also backup your configuration from control panel. Be prepared for loss of folder permissions and you might need to reinstall the odd package. Sometimes a hard boot after an upgrade is required.


The latest bootloader is always referenced on the first page of this thread:


and if you follow the first link, you will get to the correct bootloader and the corresponding .pat file which you can download to your PC.


There are a couple of fan sites around that have tutorials - although sometimes not always updated regularly. Off the top of my head there are

https://xpenology.us/tutorials (seems to be down at the moment)




but essentially your method is OK. After rebooting, you need to connect to the box (synology assistant or find.synology.com) and it should show as migratable. You can then click the manual install and point to the .pat file you downloaded earlier.

Good luck and did I say "back up your data" yet?

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FWIW - I just did this exact same upgrade to my n54l (to 5.2-5967) and didn't have any ill effects. I mean, who can be for certain but at least it worked for me. I think you have the steps right, didn't notice anything off.

5.2 is cool - I've discovered docker and it's opened up a whole new world of apps and functionality. Also installed a pair of SSD cache drives and that's made my transfer rates much more consistent.


Good luck!

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