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Asus A8V-MX + 2GBram + Athlon64 3200+


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Hello everyone,

I'm kind of a noob in xpenology word.

Trying to install on this very old spare HW:

Asus A8V-MX + 2GBram + Athlon64 3200+

But with no succes so fars... I always manage to get to the point where I need to trigger "find.synology.com" or the synology assistant, but both of then are not able to find the DiskStation.

I tried different bootloaders and different OS files from synology repository but the result is always the same.

Am I missing something here?

Please help! :) many thanks

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That is a very old motherboard.  It has embedded ATA controllers, these must be disabled in the BIOS.

Also, the embedded SATA controller must support EDIT: AHCI (oops) mode and be configured that way.

The motherboard must also be able to boot directly from USB.


If these things can't be done, the motherboard is not a good candidate.

If all that is configured, then post information about what loaders, DSM versions and platforms you are trying.  DS918+, DS920+ and DVA3221 will not work with your CPU.

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2 hours ago, flyride said:

Also, the embedded SATA controller must support ACPI mode and be configured that way.

the ACPI is meant to be AHCI in this case

in case of non ahci mode its best to test with jun's loader for dsm 6.0 that kernel still had working drivers to use non ahci sata


i checked the manual of your baord and the nic is more or less useless as its only 10/100 Mbit (Realtek RTL8201CL 10/100)

there is not much support for 100Mbit drivers in the drivers for dsm 6.1 and 6.2

loader for dsm 6.0 ahs r8101.ko so it should at least work for you nic

look here for a loader for 6.0



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Hello, thank you for answering and sorry for the late reply, I was away for a while.

I'm attaching some screenshots from bios config.

It seems that:

- sata can be configured as AHCI

- I disabled IDE

- it can boot from USB


So I'm trying with:

- dsm 6.0 ahs r8101.ko

- Jun's loader v1.01 DS3615xs

DS3615xs 6.0.2 Jun's Mod V1.01.zip | 24.0 MB | MD5 = cf9d920edef96d58ae709674dc71511b



Jun's loader v1.01 DS3615xs with MBR partition (For older boards. Try if the above refuses to boot) - Rebuilt by @Genesys
DS3615xs 6.0.2 Jun's Mod V1.01 (MBR_Genesys).img | 50.0 MB | MD5 = 25813aa17ee5b17db1b41d54bc6b4b74


fingers crossed...



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Synology assistant and find.synology.com is not guarantied to work. There are a few things that might be wrong


- Maybe the network module is not included, try downloading and boot TCRP and check the module loaded with "lsmod". Also check the list of pci devices with "lspci -nnq"

- Maybe you are having issues with DHCP, again TCRP might give you a  hint here.

- Use the realmac option to keep your mac address when serialgen

- Download mobaxterm and run the included Tools -> network scanner instead.




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