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Help on QuickConnect needed


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Hi guys!


I have managed to set up and run pretty easily a DSM on an HP MicroServer Gen8.

I have used XPEnoboot 5.2-5967.1 (17/07/2016).

Now I want to use as much of the inbuilt functions of the DSM as it's possible.

Starting with QuickConnect in order to have access to my DSM from outside my home LAN.

I've registered a Synology account but while I've doing it I've noticed that the Serial number that my DSM installation has run with is recognized from Synology as DS1511+ and not DS3615xs as it should be I think.

I don't know if that's why but when I've tried to set up and run QuickConnect with the newly registered account I have failed.

Every time with the same error message on login from the DSM:




So can anyone point me to a solution of that problem?

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Generate a valid serial and MAC address and it should work.

Note that there's no need to use QuickConnect in order to make it accessible from outside your LAN.

I would recommend to buy a domain name and use CloudFlare to point to your NAS. It's quite easy to make a script that keeps your IP current if needed.


Read "Modify the boot image" here: https://idmedia.no/projects/xpenology/i ... -or-later/

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