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Mini ITX motherboard and cpu recomendations for 8 bay build?

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Anyone with experience have any suggestions for a Mini ITX board and chip combo that is going to live its life as an 8 bay hotswappable xpenology box?  I would like the option to add a graphics card in case it becomes a DVA3221, but thats not a deal breaker.  Most of what I am finding is < = 3rd gen Intel, so that eliminates 918/920/3221 and QSv HW transcoding. Not sure I want to do that. Also most of these boards have 2-4 sata, some have m.2 slots... so I have seen these m.2 pcie to sata boards529673266_71clB6guCL._AC_SL1500_.thumb.jpg.07e766233361c9112ec68db4f34d2225.jpg

Even some little 2 port ones....


But I have no experience with these, and I have not found any M-ITX boards with 8 ports (though I know 1 exists but its an older atom board afair)


Has anyone here done an 8 bay build on mini itx?  This is all because the case I bought, which has 8 hot swap bays with a backplane (silverstone ds380) requires a mini itx board...May not be feasible and I may have to sell the case and pick again.  Any help would be appreciated. THANKS

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