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Stuffed up my mapped drive permissions-can't copy or modify


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Ok boys and girls,

I truly need your help now.

I was trying to fix a copy issue and have now completely stuffed the NAS volume.

Tell me if this is xpenology setting problem or just a windows permissions one.


I modified permissions for my entire mapped NAS folder that contains everything.

I went to mapped drive>Right click>Properties>Security>Advanced button and changed OWNER to Admin.

That stuffed everything up. I can open and access everything but I can't copy or write to my entire NAS volume.


I had a test volume next to my main one on NAS and I see now that its permissions are set to have 'NAS admin user' as OWNER not generic Admin as I have done.

DO I just need to change permissions of the volume back to NAS admin user as OWNER?

I am in process of doing so, it will take few hours for all files to be modified in windows 10.


How do I go back to reset or modify permissions to have normal access?


In xpenology I set up read/write access for NAS admin user and admin (these were never directly modified by me). Guest profile is read only. these are all under local user.

do I need to enable/modify anything else?


Thank you from confused and frustrated idiot who should never have changed security settings.

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some thoughts that may or may not help :smile: ;

the 'admin' account is disabled in later versions of DSM so maybe 'enable' it (if possible) and see what happens - it should have the same pw as the 'user admin' account setup during the dsm install wizard

create a windows account called 'admin' with same pw and try mapping/changing permissions back

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Thank I'll give that a go.

Which account should be the default OWNER of the mapped drive? Is it the DSM logon user name? I see I have the logon username as admin user.

Or should I be using my PC logon as OWNER?


Anyway I am making progress, that is good. Answering any of these questions would be very helpful. thanks guys.

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