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Is is possible to use Realtek RTL8125B NIC on DS3617xs DSM 6.2.2 ?


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I want to upgrade to 2.5GbE with Realtek RTL8125B NIC which I already own.


1. I know DS918+ do support Realtek RTL8125B NIC

    but I can't run DS918+ because I'm using AMD Ryzen pro 4650G APU

2. I purchased an unknown 2.5GbE NIC from aliexpress which claims work on DS3617xs DSM 6.2.2

    It doesn't work for me.

    I contacted the seller and he answered me that his card only support 6.2.3 or higher

    "Supports DS3617xs DSM 6.2.2" means support IF you update 6.2.2 to 6.2.3

    what a bullshit   

    He suggested me to upgrade to 6.2.3 so that I can use his card.

    But I've got a TV tuner that I badly needed (no alternative that support my locality) that only work on 6.2.2


I've been waiting for an updated driver extension with realtek NIC support for a really long time but it never arrives.

Is there any way that I can incorporate the Realtek RTL8125B driver into the loader or install it into DSM?

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