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Slow upload speed to external network


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Hello friends


When I download or upload from or to my XPEnology nas to my local computer, I usually get over 100 MB/sec. But when I download from a friend's house from my nas I only get from 0.5 to 0.8 MB/sec. But I don't get why this is?


My nas can clearly handle it, and it's connected with cat6 directly to my router. My subscription has an upload of 6 MB/sec and I have called the company and they say everything from them to my router is ok. When I do an Ookla speedtest I get 6 MB/s of upload so I don't know it anymore.


Nas is ok, changed motherboard to test, 4 WD RED's, cat6 direct to router and from router to internet 6 MB/sec. But in reality I get 1/12 of what I am capable of???


Thanks in advance!!

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bglf83, why is this?

Aren't you supposed to get what they advertise?

So if I got a subscription of 20 MB/sec, you mean that I only get 2MB in reality?


Internet speed is measured in MegaBITS per second (Mbps). File transfer speed is measured in MegaBYTES per second (MBps). There are 8 bits in a byte. If you factor in an extra couple of bits for transmission overheads (headers, error correction, etc.) then you can generally divide the Mbps value by 10 to get an idea of the file transfer speed in MB per second.

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