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HP MSA P2000 support?


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Hi @all.


Does anyone know if the HPE SC08e card works with XPEnology? I have a HP MSA P2000 G3 with 12x2TB which I would like to connect to one of my XPEnology bare-metal systems.




Yes the HPE SC08e adapter uses LSI chip supported by the mpt2sas driver which is included by Synology on their genuine NAS :smile:

So I think you can install the standard XPEnoboot and DSM should detects it :smile:


Download : viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5026


Before testing the standard version, can you please test my test version based on RS18016xs+ which use SAS controller like yoursand report back if your drives are detected or not.

It's an early test build so test it with disk without data !


Download : viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18089&p=71404#p71404

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Thanks for your reply.


Yesterday I finally managed to connect the vdisk volume (RAID 10 on 12x2TB P2000 G3) to my XPenology with the SC08e. Unfortunately every time I try to create a volume DSM stops the process immediately.


I think that my controller's firmware (afaik the SC08e is a branded LSI 9200-8e) needs a downgrade to the P19 (IT mode). I'll try this and report back.


P.S.: I connected both ports from the P2000 with the HBA. Is it normal that one vdisk volume shows up 2 times in DSM?

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