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N40L with RTL8125

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On 5/16/2022 at 3:19 AM, manu69x said:

Is possibile have to work with 

2,5Gb/s pcie card rtl8125? 

Not sure that IG-88 have compiled

driver for DS3615 and DSM 6.2.3

a maybe to yes, depending on the conditions


on 6.2.x 3615 and 3617 use kernel 3.10.x

the realtek 8125 driver compiled against syno's 3.10. kernel only up to a certain version (9.003.05), the newer ones where only compiling against syno's 4.4 kernel used for 918+

so there is a 8125 driver in the extra.lzma for 3615 but only a older driver, if the card works with the older driver you can use the latest 6.2.3 extra.lzma, as 918+ is not possible with your old hardware it ends here with 6.2.x - thats the maybe


the "yes" would be with 7.x because 3617 and 3622 use kernel 4.4 and would be able to use the latest 8125 driver and both have no limit for older cpu's


(btw. cudos to @flyride ,i guess his platforms and loaders tutorial - now also a 7.x exists - is the link i most often quote)

so if you use tinycore rp loader you would be able to use 8125 but be warned, the 7.x has a new package format and some old installed packages will not work after migration to 7.x (you can google that, lots of synology users had this problem), so you might want to setup an new usb flash drive and a empty disk to test if you can handle tc laoder and also test if you get all your usual (3rd party)  packages to work, if you are finished and want to migrate to 7.x you can use the already working 7.x usb with your 6.2.3 disks and  migrate your installation to 7.x





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