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Can we upgrade from DSM 6.2.3 to DMS 7?


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В 14.05.2022 в 18:51, ejwarrior сказал:

I wanted to know if this is possible or if there is another way to upgrade my machine without losing any data?

Which model is used? How is it installed (is the VM being used or not)?

Usually, if the version update is successful, the data on the disks is not lost. Package/application settings may be lost, their versions will also need to be updated, and it is possible to configure them again.

Here is a brief sequence of steps.


I. First, it is advisable to test whether 7.1 will work on your hardware in principle, for example:

1) turn off, disconnect ALL disks used in 6.2.3, connect some HDD to check, the old usb stick with 6.2.3 is set aside for now

2) prepare the new usb stick and install 7.1 according to the available instructions

3) check the DSM operation on the test HDD


II. If the DSM 7 is working fine, then prepare 6.2.3 and update:

1) turn off DSM, remove test HDD and new USB stick (7.1), connect all old disks and old USB flash drive, turn on DSM 6.2.3

2) re-prepare the same new flash drive for 7.1 (write the downloaded image to it for a clean installation), replace the old flash drive with a new one without turning off the DSM

3) download the desired version of the .pat-file to your PC (the latest one is here https://archive.synology.com/download/Os/DSM/7.1-42661-1-NanoPacked ~300MB)

4) install the new version via the DSM web interface: Control Panel/ Update and Restore/ Updating the DSM manually - select the downloaded .pat-file

5) when restarting, follow the instructions (except for the points 1-2 about preparing the flash drive, because they have already been made earlier)

6) after a successful bootloader build, reboot, start DSM 7.1, connect via the web interface, check for updates, reinstall packages, etc.

Example of complete installation instructions: 


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