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Xpenology 5.2.5644 Raid crashed,degraded


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I got an alert on my Xpenology VM complaining of disk write errors on one of the 3 WD30EFRX disks installed. I wasnt able to run repair etc as nothing is visible in storage manager and mdam shows the disk in question as removed from md0,md1 and md2. I've since replaced the disk but it still shows as clean,degraded in mdadm and the gui shows filesystem errors.


Can someone help me in the recovery process. My data is still in tact.

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Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Yes I did manage to sort it out. I followed the steps from this site:


Disclaimer: Whilst I didn't encounter any data loss following the steps below, I will not be held responsible for any data loss or any other form of damage. I strongly advise you read up on what each command will do before running it and backup your most important files first.


https://tunwinnaing.wordpress.com/2015/ ... le-system/


Follow the tutorial from where it says:

open your terminal of choice and run the following (replace my_ds_ip with your DS IP address)


Good luck

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