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SOLVED:Can't logon from WAN, can logon thru LAN?


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Hello community, please help. I can't logon to my XPE via WAN. Forwarding, firewall, everything is and was set properly.

It just does not accept any user password. However I can logon normally via LAN (or VPN.

FTP is also not allowing any user in.

Please help.

DSM 5.2-5967 Update2

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So I have found that my Windows 7 machine while trying to connect to FTP with a good password, from some reasons sent a couple of wrong passwords to the DSM.

Therefore my IP was blocked, according to my blocklist settings.

Very strange why Windows 7 sends wrong passwords even when I put in a good password.

Did anybody observe such behavior?

I am using Windows Explorer as FTP client in Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64.


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