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Dell PowerEdge T430, VMWare Performance


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Hi everyone,


I'm more of a windows admin but I'm implementing something for a Mac heavy client of mine who's just chasing a storage solution amongst other VM's that will eventually reside on his server.


I've spun up a VM on an ESXi 6 host with the following specs.


Host: Xeon E5-2620 (12 Logical Cores), 12GB Memory, 2 x 3TB SAS RAID-1, 2 x 1TB SAS RAID-1. (on a H730 Controller)


I've allocated the XPEnology VM 2 vCPU's and 8GB Memory.


The base OS is installed on a 10GB partition on the 1TB Array, I've mapped the 3TB directly as a Raw LUN - SCSI contorller is Paravirtual.


At this stage, performance is shite.


Haven't yet installed VMWare tools but surely that's not the issue.


Any tips here? Or am I better bypassing the Hardware RAID and using software RAID within Synology (surely not!!??)


Tips appreciated!

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I don't think it is the raid, check network configuration... On my custom nas (I3-6100, 16 gb ram, no raid config) i get limited by my router 830Mbps write and 930-950 Mbps on sata drives. Rise another VM on that machine and test the network speed and see the bandwidth.

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