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Help can't access my files over network


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Hello everybody, i've a big problem with my installation. Everything Works great from more than 1 year, never have any problem. My system is on DSM 5.2 (DS3615xs 5.2-5644.4 boot image). The only thing i change last time is to shut down the syno from DMS interface without any problem, and restart it 1 day later with no access to my NAS over network. The only thing that works, is accessing my file via web browser and file station. I can't access to anything else (no configurations, no services, etc...). I can not even reboot the syno via the interface.


On boot here is the error i met :




It's the same on each reboot.


I've tried to launch fsck from ssh, to resolve the problem without success.


Maybe someone have meet the same problem and can help me ?


I've saved my data from web browser ans file station.


Please, i don't want to reinstall all my Xpnology !


Thanks a lot for your help.



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its possible that the system partition(s) have got damaged. I think that DSM is read from the system partitions of the drives in order of their slots so if the system partition on disk 1 is corrupt you will get errors. Depending on how many drives you have in your array you could try swapping other disks into HDD slot 1. You might get an error to say the volume needs to be repaired or reassembled.

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