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Advise on my very first XPEnology NAS build needed

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Hi guys,


After one of my 3TB HDDs full of not so important but still personal data has died unexpectedly in the middle of it's very early MTBF I have searched to buy/build a home NAS server with a RAID1.

The main purpose obviously is to backup my data.

That brought me to Synology.

I have almost bought DS216+ since it's matching exactly my needs when I found that DSM can work also on non-Synology HW.

I continued my research and I came to conclusion that for a less or equal amount of cash one can build a better, faster and more flexible NAS server still operating under Synology's DSM.

So I have tried to choose some HW in order to build a working XPEnology NAS which can be on par with DS216+.

My plans are to install Xpenology on bare metal whatever the build will be.


Here is the list of components which I will need some advice for:



2) CPU - Intel Pentium G4400 dual-core (3.3GHz, 3MB Cache, 350MHz-1GHz GPU, LGA1151) BOX

3) RAM - 8GB DDR4 2133MHz, Kingston HyperX FURY, 1.2V

4) CASE - Mini ITX, Fractal Design NODE 304, 2xUSB 3.0


6) HDD - 2 x 4TB WD Caviar® Red™, NAS, SATA 6Gb/s, 64MB, 3.5"(8.89 cm)

7) SSD - for the DSM; real SSD, M.2 SSD or just a USB stick - depending on the MB


The two biggest questions are about the MB.


The LAN is RTL8111H.

On the HARDWARE SUPPORTED LIST I've found all kinds of RTL8111's but not one with H at the end.

Can this be a problem and should I change the MB?


ASROCK H110M-ITX is based on Intel® H110 Chipset.

Can anyone confirm if SATA controler is compatible with XPEnology or not?

I have not found clear info about that.

Or should I buy an H170, Z170 or B150 based MB?


Or should I just go with HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 instead?

Starting yesterday I can get an HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Intel® Celeron® G1610T 2.30GHz, Ivy Bridge, 1 x 4GB for as low as 220 euro.

I've read that the CPU and RAM are easily upgradeable although I'm not sure if I will need to do that.

May be to be sure that transcoding power will be enough?


Please help me to clear the picture so I can go ahead and set up my home NAS server sooner.

I will be very grateful for every one that would take time to share his experience and advises.

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I would go i3-6100T for lower power consumption and 2 Plex transcode.

RAM 4GB is more than enough.

PSU I'd choose Corsair VS350 or CX450M.

There is no need for SSD since DSM installed on every disk and DSM is boot up from flashdrive.

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The realtek should work ok, its probably the most pervasive on-board nic, but I've found that its performance is not a good as intel, see my post;




if you are not planning to use the pci slot then I would get a cheap intel nic from ebay etc, thats what I've done for my 'production' box

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