surveillance station - additional licenses

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Not sure if this will help:




Google translate:


With the new update SurveillanceStation, serial numbers steel block.


To resolve this problem, use a patch


by yozh (for the latest version 7.0-3762)

by sheree_boman (version 7.0-3742 only)


Usage: Copy the patch


Code: Select all

/ Var / packages / SurveillanceStation / target / lib



From the author: DSM version is not important, it is important to coincide version SurveillanceStation

Generally it always returns that you have 99 keys (it's on x86). For PPC keys 255 :smile:

And thank you for it below adresochek :smile:


SurveillanceStation-7.0.3762_Patch_ (x86 / x64)

SurveillanceStation-7.0.3762.spk (cured)


SurveillanceStation-7.0.3742_Patch_ (x86 / x64)

SurveillanceStation-7.0.3742_Patch_ (ppc)


You can get the older SS from synology.

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Hi jack


You need to:


1) uninstall latest version of the surveillance station

2) download 7.2.2-4649 spk from

[you need to ensure you download the correct spk for your NAS cpu. See]

3) download SS patcher 0.61 from!t04R0arT!7P4M_R--pISOqhYLdGvEemjqgM1Y7rXCLiSowX0GnNs

4) use SS patcher to create SurveillanceStation-x86_64-7.2.2-4649-patched.spk

5) install patched spk



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Hi! if i patch that file:




But if i try to install it then i get this:


Not compatible with my diskstation....


Please update it to 7.2.0-4556 or above.


But above there is no bromolow verion? :/

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  • 2 weeks later...



I am on DSM 6

Patched version 7.2.0 4556 with 0.61


I have 65.535 Licences


1 IP Camera = works fine

8 Analogic camera = test connexion OK but stay under activation


I tried all device pack I could find, no luck


Anyone can try and see why it doesn't work ?

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Hi Guys,


I am on Synology DSM 6

I tried all patches but it did not work properly


I found perhaps another solution here


Do you know where I can find the synology surveillance station (7.2.1 - build 4206) ?

It is not available anymore


Any one can help ?


Thank you

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DS414 - MARVELL Armada XP MV78230


Either 7.21 or 7.23




from here


I've tried various patches and fixes from the github page, including the patcher 0.61 on both the above files, but both error with "package corrupt" on manual install. So not really getting much luck, is anyone able to help or has already done this?

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