Virtualbox redpill TC DSM 7.0.1 - can not create volume

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I have successfully installed DSM 7.0.1 42218 with TC redpill in virtualbox on a virtual ds3622xs+


I've added 2 HDD's as data drives and there both visible in DSM.

When I want to make a storage pool and volume I get a error that the entry for the field modify allocated size is invalid.


Even if I choose MAX (which is 3) I still get the error. No matter if I choose 1 or 2. Google on this error did not give me a solution. Anybody knows what is going on?






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You drive sizes are too small , you cant create volumes under 10GB . 

From website:-


The minimum volume capacity must be at least 10 GB.

Volume capacity of less than 1 GB cannot be used. For example, only 100 GB is usable if the total capacity of a volume is 100.5 GB.

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