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Updating the USB bootdrive in situ


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I realise I could try this, but due to the possibly destructive nature of it I thought I would ask first whether anyone has done it already.


What I am looking to do is to be able to update the USB bootdisk whilst keeping it in the server.


Some generic instructions I have found for writing images to USb devices via command line seem to imply that all that is involved is along the lines of:


sudo umount /dev/sdb
sudo dd if=/path/to/imagefile of=/dev/sdb


Is that all it will take?

If so should I use the XPEnoboot iso file, or the img file as the input to dd ?


Many thanks all!

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image file, you can use wget from the command line to download directly to the box and then find it in root and then dd on to the usb stick from there... Any custom stuff e.g. mac and serial will need to be reapplied after updating as normal.

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