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Migrating from busted XPEnology to Synology

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I've been using Xpenology happily for a few years without much trouble - but yesterday I tried to update DSM through the GUI without much thinking. This of course didn't work and made booting again impossible. I spent last night trying to reinstall the correct version of DSM without any luck so I've decided I'm too dumb for this and ordered a Synology machine. I just use it as data storage mostly now anyway. Now, the question; I'd like to retain my data of course, how should I best approach this? I have a two disk RAID setup, can I just plug them both in the new synology and hope for the best? Or should I install on a spare drive and plug the raid drives in after? I ordered a 4bay synology so that would be an option. 



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You should be able to just plug the existing drives into the new Synology unit, it will most likely say your are migrating from another Synology unit & offer to migrate to the new unit. FYI DSM is stored on separate partitions to your data.

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