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LAN traffic info.


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I recently upgraded to a 4 core CPU (AMD x4 880K)

Mainboard is a Fatal1ty FM2A88X+ Killer.


Bare metal install DSM 5.2-5967 Update 2


Ploblem is I have no speed displayed for the LAN traffic, yet it functions fine?

Screenshot was taken streaming a movie in Plex to my TV.



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Nor did I with my old mainboard, only since changing it.

Looks like someone else has the same problem too (using the Atheros killer E2200 like I am), I found this post with a quick search.




With XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.1 theres no more stats for my ethernet card Atheros killer E2200 which use alx kernel module :

cat /proc/net/dev
Receive                                                |  Transmit
Interface |bytes    packets errs drop fifo frame compressed multicast|bytes    packets errs drop fifo colls carrier compressed
eth0:       0       0    0    0    0     0          0         0        0       0    0    0    0     0       0          0


It was working fine in the previous xpenoboot releases, that's a known bug of alx driver, and it was fixed few xpenoboot release ago.


Would be great to fix this :smile:


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