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Realtek v Intel NIC performance


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Hi All

I've a couple of 12 bay bare metal systems using an older amd e350 embedded mobo used for backups running latest .5967.1 boot and dsm

Both have built in realtek nics, but I've added an intel pci to each (both gig).

I spotted an interesting performance difference between the two nic types whilst doing a 'heavy' backup


I use Paessler PRTG SNMP monitoring tool on my kit and spotted;


If traffic is realtek > realtek / realtek > intel / intel>realtek the maximum speed seems to be about 360000 kbit/s however intel > intel is around 730000 kbit/s


These values are consistent when measured on the switch ports or the lan ports of the NAS's


Also, spotted that some other issues arise when the realtek nic is being heavily utilised - got alerts that the snmp connected ups had disconnected and also some windows shares dropped intermittently.


I suspect that, although the realtek drivers have been updated, that somehow they or the hardware itself are not as 'efficient' as the intel equivalent.

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yup, I'm not too surprised with the results, as it's you could say "widely known"

that's why Intel NIC cards are so much more expensive even on resale on ebay vs. Realtek cards


Realtek is usually a no frills low cost solution, performance is usually half of the intel counterpart.


Maxwell NIC (or chipset) seems to perform a fair bit better than Realtek, it fits right in between Intel and Realtek


but for compatibility sake, usually Intel and Realtek are the safest choices, but go for Intel if you want better performance.

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