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Would anyone like to Zoom to help me? Will pay!

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Hi everyone,


I'm a relatively tech savvy person, but I've been struggling to get Xpenology set up on both bare metal and ESXi.  I swear, every step I take I've run into some kind of error and spend an hour googling until I reach the next step and the process repeats...


Anyways, I'm just a bit overwhelmed and tired of trying to troubleshoot and was hoping someone might be kind enough to connect with me and help walk me through the process.  Here is the hardware I'm working with:


CPU: Xeon e3-1265L v3

MB: ASUS h81i-plus

Memory: 8GB DDR3

HD: 3 WD Red 4GB // 500GB WD Red NVME (for cache)


I've gotten as far as creating the synoboot usb drive and it seems to be loading correctly, but I cannot find the device on Synology assistant.  I think the issue might be the Realtek drivers, as my NIC is the RTL8111G.  I found a post where you're supposed to replace some files on the bootable USB in order to install the drivers, but I'm still not seeing it on my network.


So yeah, I'd pay someone $50 for an hour of their time this week if anyone is interested/willing.  It's worth it to me at this point lol I normally like tinkering and learning something new, but I'd rather just be using my NAS at this point.  I'm close to just using FreeNAS but I own a DS216j and would love to be able to keep DSM as I already know it.


Thanks in advance!

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